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The Chocolate Mountaineers Club and Foundation see opportunity for change by partnering with groups and individuals (including parents), by instilling values at a very early age for children and helping raise them in a way that allows them to thrive for the betterment of society. Through spearheading a movement of education in values, raising money towards this commitment, and providing a means to turn knowledge into tangible results for our children, we feel we can make a difference in the world – one child, one family, one community at a time.

How can one person’s values change the world?

By leveraging the Club’s core values with other like-minded organizations and parents. One small wave can ripple into a much larger impact for the broader community.


Enrolling Parents

Parents and organizations that enroll their children as members of the club begin to familiarize themselves with the Club’s concepts and values. Parents participate in the program and show their children and community how to adopt and reflect their own values, as well as those of the Club.

Having enrolled your child or perhaps other children as members in the Chocolate Mountaineers Club, it is expected that you, the parent, who believes in its concept, will want to learn the lessons about values set forth in these books in order to know and understand them, and live a life of example to maximize and fully teach the content of the books.



Children Helping Children

“The Vote”

Children Helping Children through the Chocolate Mountaineers Foundation

The original members of the Chocolate Mountaineers Club (Fudgie Bearitone, Nimbus the Cloud, Billianna, and their friends) wanted to make a difference in their communities and help other children. One of the Club’s guiding principles is “Children Helping Children”, so

with spirit of goodwill and a sense of compassion they formed

The Chocolate Mountaineers Foundation to better accomplish their goal.

The Foundation will support other children’s charities and programs align with the Club’s core values and directions that include:


  • Teaching and Instilling Values
  • Promoting the Value of the Arts in Society
  • The need for character development
  • Enrolling parents and adults to help make a difference by example and participation


This program is designed to help teach Club Members’ awareness, understanding, caring, sharing and responsibility.

Club Members Help Determine Who Receives Support

Every three months, Club members will learn about other children and their situations, along with the non-profit groups that serve those children. Then, Chocolate Mountaineers Club members will vote for which charities or groups that will receive support. Next, members will see fellow Chocolate Mountaineers presenting a check to another child representing the receiving side. Everyone will be able to track the good that they are helping to accomplish, in the world.


Partnership and Alliances with other non-profit and for-profit groups

The Club and the Foundation has partnerships and alliances with other non-profits sharing similar values and missions (such as schools, hospitals, and arts groups). The Club and the Foundation will also form alliances with for-profit companies that will make charitable contributions. These alliances will help expand the Club’s memberships, and benefit the partners by furthering their own charitable causes.

Investing in a better future

The Club Motto of Be Good – Do Good
include helping others and being a part of a better future for us all. The Chocolate Mountaineers Club is officially recognized by the U.S. Department of the Treasury as a separate non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. That means contributions to the Club and Foundation are tax deductible.


The Arts & Their Value

The Arts are an essential part of our children’s lives, exposing them to music, dance, painting, theatre and the visual arts. The arts give children a unique means of expression by capturing their imaginations, passions and emotions. It allows them to explore new ideas, their inner selves and expose them to new cultures in how the world relates to them. The arts bring joy and excitement in every aspect of their young lives, their perspectives and horizons from pure academia.

The arts are an integral part in the development of the whole person. The Chocolate Mountaineers Foundation is heavily vested in the arts as it is our belief that we must continue to find a place for the art programs and partnerships, not only for what it teaches our children about art, but for what it teaches us all about the cultures and world we live in.

An important part of the Club is to introduce children at an early age to the Arts and their values in life. Each original Club member has been developed with an artistic trait to accomplish this.

Be good to yourself and your child. Put as much Art and its appreciation into your life as possible, as soon as possible.

Share it – Enjoy it! Start sooner than later.




TOOLS: These are the items, devices, implements or things used to build and create, and/or repair and fix something.

If you think about it…

Virtues, values, beliefs, and ideas can be the tools used to build and create, and/or to repair and fix a life.

The Chocolate Mountaineers use ‘Tool-ees’ for the young as an educational as well as entertaining format. The new Activity Books or Tool-ees have been specifically designed and formatted for ages two – eight years old. Not only do they contain age-perfect games, mazes, drawings, and special sections, but they also fulfill their primary purpose of teaching and instilling at an early age the core values for life.

As you and your child share each new arrival of the TOOL-EES, you’ll feel great about preparing your child for life. These quality activity books have been written by experts and illustrated by professionals specializing in children. The Tool-ees are designed to instruct, teach, instill thinking and learning skills, develop vocabulary, creativity, and other skills to prepare a child.

Club Motto: Be Good – Do Good

Let the Tool-ees Help!

Remember to be a good example, your participation with your child will not only teach and instill values at an early age, but will also help build a bond of trust between you that will grow through time.



(Perfect Human Being!)

What is a Perfect Human Being?

Perfect according to Webster’s Dictionary:

Lacking nothing essential to the whole; complete of its nature or kind.

Human Being according to Webster’s Dictionary:

Of, relating to, or characteristics of man or mankind. Prone to or marked by the frailties and weaknesses associated with man.

We all have our own ideas and perception of perfection, but our perceptions of perfection aren’t perfect.

Water, skin, organs, bones, hair, so on, and so on, and traits, such as: Love & Hate, Giver & Taker, Generous & Greed, and Likes & Dislikes also make up a human being. We all have these, to what degree is uncertain. It takes all of the above and more, sometimes less, to make a HUMAN.

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