The Square Foot Club Logo


This is the symbol for

The Chocolate Mountaineers Club.

It is a symbol that goes back in time to the great Architects

in and of history.

What does it mean?

What does it stand for?

In the old days, those were simple questions to answer. It simply was the symbol for a square foot.

Today however, it is more than just a symbol for a square foot. It is a symbol for the Right Foot. The square foot of land in the Chocolate Mountains, included with your membership, symbolizes “Starting children off on the Right Foot.”

The Right Foot of values, disciplines, and awareness.

So, whenever you see this sign club-logo-small, you will know that it stands for The Chocolate Mountaineers Club.

A club built around values, awareness, and more importantly, the Children, the Architects of the future!

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