The Arts and Their Value

The Arts & Their Value

The Arts are an essential part of our children’s lives, exposing them to music, dance, painting, theatre and the visual arts. The arts give children a unique means of expression by capturing their imaginations, passions and emotions. It allows them to explore new ideas, their inner selves and expose them to new cultures in how the world relates to them. The arts bring joy and excitement in every aspect of their young lives, their perspectives and horizons from pure academia.

The arts are an integral part in the development of the whole person. The Chocolate Mountaineers Foundation is heavily vested in the arts as it is our belief that we must continue to find a place for the art programs and partnerships, not only for what it teaches our children about art, but for what it teaches us all about the cultures and world we live in.

An important part of the Club is to introduce children at an early age to the Arts and their values in life. Each original Club member has been developed with an artistic trait to accomplish this.

Be good to yourself and your child. Put as much Art and its appreciation into your life as possible, as soon as possible.

Share it – Enjoy it! Start sooner than later.