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Teachers, Schools, Home Schooling

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Parents and teachers everywhere are talking about the benefits of using the Chocolate Mountaineers ‘Tool-ees’ as an educational as well as entertaining format. These new Activity Books have been specifically designed and formatted for children ages two – eight years old. Not only do they contain age-perfect games, mazes, drawings and special sections, but they also fulfill their primary purpose of teaching and instilling the core values for life at an early age

“The lesson’s and activities are perfect for every child to begin with…Ideal for home schooling.” Katheryn Anderson, Ph.D.

“Absolutely one of the best activity books out there for core value learning.” Lyn Cannon, Ph.D.

The purpose of teaching children the 12 Tool-ees is to not only improve their way of life and to help them have a brighter future, but to society as well.

If children know and practice the Tool-ees at an
early age, they will be better family members, friends, and citizens.