About the Chocolate Mountaineers Foundation

Why the name Chocolate Mountaineers Foundation?

How did the Foundation start?

What does the Square Foot symbol mean?

What is the Club’s Motto?

What is a Tool-ee?

What is “Children Helping Children” all about?

Why is art important to the Chocolate Mountaineers? Do I have to know how to do art?

How old do you have to be to do the Advanced Tool-ee Activity Books?

Unless your child is six years old (or five years old and mature for their age), it’s probably best to start with the Primary Tool-ee Activity Books. This will give you a chance to work and interact with your child to complete the series. Please click here to order your set of Primary Tool-ees today! Have Fun!

Do you have a Club store?

We have a great store and the shelves are filling up. One example, Fudgie Bearitone – an adorable plush toy, perfect for your child. Please click here to take a look at all our new products. Happy Shopping!

Can I buy the Chocolate Mountaineer books in a bookstore?

Not yet. We are still too new. But we will ship you our great books that are for sale in our online store. Please click here to visit our online store to order your books.

How do I become a an official member of the Chocolate Mountaineers Club?

It’s easy! Please click here to join today!

How do I make a contribution?

Please click here to make a contribution. Thanks!


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