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The original members of the Chocolate Mountaineers Club (Fudgie Bearitone, Nimbus the Cloud, Billianna, and their friends) wanted to make a difference in their communities and help other children. One of the Club’s guiding principles is “Children Helping Children”, so

with spirit of goodwill and a sense of compassion they formed

The Chocolate Mountaineers Foundation to better accomplish their goal.



Help plant the seeds of values in children that will grow with them throughout their lives. Be a part of the movement to ensure a brighter outlook for all future generations!



Changing the World,

One Child’s World at a Time.

Our goal is to make a difference in the world – one child, one family, one community at a time. Companies, sponsors, organizations, parents and grandparents can become part of this very special mission. Click here to give children a chance for a sweeter future!

The Foundation supports other non-profits that align with the Club’s core values and directions that include:

  • Teaching and Instilling Values at an early age
  • Promoting the Value of the Arts in Society
  • The need for character development
  • Enrolling parents and adults to help make a difference by example and participation

The Foundation will give money to other children’s charities and programs that share similar values to the Club. This program is designed to help teach Club Members’ awareness, understanding, caring, sharing and responsibility.

The Club Logo:


This is the symbol for

The Chocolate Mountaineers Club.

It is a symbol that goes back in time to the great Architects

in and of history.

What does it mean?

What does it stand for?

In the old days, those were simple questions to answer. It simply was the symbol for a square foot.

Today however, it is more than just a symbol for a square foot. It is a symbol for the Right Foot.  The square foot of land in the Chocolate Mountains, included with your membership, symbolizes    “Starting children off on the Right Foot.”

The Right Foot of values, disciplines, and awareness.

So, whenever you see this sign club-logo-small, you will know that it stands for The Chocolate Mountaineers Club.

A club built around values, awareness, and more importantly,     the Children, the Architects of the future!


The Club Motto:



As a saying – it says it all!

Much like the Golden Rule:

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

It’s a Goal!

The Club members have adopted that same principle. A Chocolate Mountaineer follows the motto “BE GOOD–DO GOOD”, by learning the Tool-ees, so they can understand and be aware

of the good ways of acting. The Chocolate Mountaineers not

only use their knowledge about the Tool-ees to help themselves, but to also help others.

The activity books will also help teach and

reinforce the values (Tool-ees) of the club.


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